We are developing our offering to customers to include branded logo animation and short video clips. We can give your business more visual impact and make it more memorable. Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Rachel Tincello, has been to the studio to record her first piece to camera for BusinessGiftUK.com. Training and studio facilities were provided by our clients Enterprize Web Design and Print of Longton who we would recommend. They looked after our team very well, during an enjoyable and rewarding Friday afternoon.

In this clip Rachel discusses the virtues of refillable water bottles and coffee cups, manufactured in the UK, because they make great, eco-friendly, topical, promotional gifts. Click these links to all of our mugs and sports bottles.

Here are Rachel’s thoughts on her video session:

“My experience at the Enterprize studio has been great. Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect, and had little knowledge about videography. Despite this the team went through some background on the psychology of video marketing, which I felt was extremely valuable. All the equipment you would need is in the studio, and I was surprised the quality of the videos we managed to produce in such a short amount of time. Overall the team were really friendly, which produced a relaxed atmosphere that you would definitely need if you’re new to video.”

We are now developing branded animations for our clients because video content is now prioritised by all major social media platforms. Please get in touch if you would like to use logo animation to make your business more memorable online and in social media.

Steve Ward, Managing Director, May 2019