It’s National Stationery Week! Get involved with your own branded stationery

Today sees the start of National Stationery Week (NSW) 2019, a calendar highlight for the team. NSW runs from 29th April to 5th May and celebrates all things stationery. It’s a global event that last year inspired 20,000 Twitter and Facebook followers to spread the word and promote the campaign.
This year, through its “Writing Matters” campaign, NSW want followers to discuss details of their favourite stationery products and inspire everyone to send more letters and cards. According to NSW, “2019 will mark the eighth time the stationery industry has worked together to promote stationery, in all its forms and uses and the love of handwriting, to a consumer audience.”
What are your favourite stationery products and how can they help your business?
Whether you want to support and promote NSW, or you simply want to find suitable branded products for your business, you can’t go wrong with stationery branded gifts. A Unique Selling Point (USP) of stationery products is their longevity. They remain on desks, in bags or pockets for a very long time and you can be as basic or imaginative as you like to get your company branding in front of potential clients.
So, what are your favourite promotional stationery products, and why?
The humble pen is still a leader of branded gifts
Regardless of how entangled we are in the digital age, everyone still needs a pen…or ten! Very much in keeping with this year’s NSW focus on handwriting, the simple ballpoint pen is still a best seller for businesses wanting to present potential clients with a branded gift. Why? Because they’re cost-effective, high volume, used again and again by the recipient, passed around to others, all the while promoting the company brand.
Rulers rule! Every desk should have one…with your name on it
Gone are the days when the only choice to make with a ruler was the colour. As a promotional gift, can now supply 6 or 12 inch shaped rulers to make your ruler gift memorable. You can choose between the shape of a circle, heart, house or lorry. This makes your business stand out from other company stationery and reminds the recipient of your business offering. Other non-shaped rulers are available for branding with your company name and details emblazoned on the front, with or without a background image.
Adhesive notepads prompt a reminder of your business with every note
Adhesive notepads come in several sizes and styles, ready for your branding. Whenever your potential client makes an important note (no doubt with their promotional pen!), they see your company branding, reminding them of your services. Adhesive notes can be given as a simple pad at expos to any passerby, or in a hardback box with a strip of page markers as a more exclusive gift for targeted potential or existing customers. This is a versatile gift that keeps on giving with every note!
Highlight your brand with a range of promotional highlighter gifts
Most desks have a highlighter, regardless of how high-tech and paperless a company may aspire to be. There are times when you just need a highlighter to separate the wheat from the chaff! Your branding can be printed onto a range of highlighters, from a simple one-colour highlighter pen to a triangular three-colour highlighter, or even the innovative dual function highlighter/fidget spinner. Whatever you choose, your highlighters can be part of the stationery set of many potential or existing clients, reminding them that you’re there, ready to provide a service.
Other promotional stationery gifts
In support of NSW and beyond, can provide a wide range of stationery such as those items above, notebooks, folders, pads, pencils and more. We do our best to also fulfil bespoke orders, so if there is an item of stationery you would like us to brand for you, just get in touch and we will see what we can do.
You can get involved with NSW by following the hype on Twitter and Facebook.
Happy National Stationery Week!