Barrica Wines is an independent retailer of wines, beers and spirits, specialising in the upmarket end of the market. Their range of craft beers and ciders are something they’re particularly looking to push at the moment.

Why Use Branded Business Gifts?

Barrica have given out branded pens in the past with some success, but they were looking for something with more direct relevance to the business. As we offered a range of coasters, the pairing was obvious.

Barrica say “We will actually sell them if a random customer wants one. But these are mostly a ‘Thank you’ to customers who buy a quantity of beer.  Also, I wanted something which customers would use, and keep the profile of Barrica fixed firmly in their minds’ eye!”


Barrica’s order was timed to coincide with their Beer and Street Food festival. The coasters are now out there with countless satisfied customers, all of them being regularly reminded of the 300-strong range of craft beers and ciders on offer.

Keeping Barrica’s profile fixed firmly in their mind has begun – and will start to pay off as the weeks and months unfold.

Barrica already sees a future expansion, with more production runs and possibly other options to have on hand. Our Drinkware section certainly includes plenty of options.

How Did They Find Working with BusinessGiftUK?

Barrica say: “Approachable, adaptable, affordable.”

A huge thank to Jane Cuthbertson at Barrica – that’s definitely the standard we’ll always aim for!

Please check out the fine range of drinks available at BARRICA WINES

You will find Barrica Wines at their new outlet at Beer Brothers Brewery & Bar, 335 Ranglet Road, Walton Summit Centre PR5 8AR from 22nd Feb 2019.