Another happy customer shares their thoughts on effective promotion

Your next steps to building awareness of your brand and customer experience

The key to any successful business is creating a great customer experience. It was with this philosophy in mind that Shopper Anonymous, customer experience specialists, approached us at BusinessGiftUK. They were looking for “innovative and current” business gifts that could help them develop stronger relationships with their clients. Their company focuses on building customer satisfaction for businesses and our task was to provide that same satisfaction to their clients!

The client had great success with our branded products, proving “even more successful than they had imagined”. Below we share some of the key elements that made their promotional work with us such a success. Read on to hear our combined thoughts about how best to go about promoting your business with business gifts.

For creating long term engagement with customers, business gifts are ideal. The client wanted a small selection of gifts to give to all their new clients on receipt of their first invoice.

So why should you buy business gifts, and why did our client choose to use our services? With our products you can:


Create a unique customer experience

Setting your business apart from the competition is a key part of retaining customers. Shopper Anonymous loved the range of interesting and novel items we offer. For example, you should explore our range of personalised technology accessories and gadgets. These products provide a unique way to engage with customers and provide a memorable and individual experience.

One example of such a unique gift for our client was the branded keyboard brush. This was a functional, yet unconventional gift that proved to be a hit with their clientele. A representative from Shopper Anonymous explained that there is “real value” in a surprise gift. They feel personally attended to and given a level of customer service that is rarely received. That is incredibly important in creating connections that lead to repeat business.


Give a gift that gives value to the customer

Our happy client wanted gifts that could be “of use to all levels of staff”. The more people use your gift on a day to day basis, the easier it is to remind the customer of what a great experience they had with you. With that in mind, we create a range of functional gifts such as branded pens and personalised bags.


Value your customer and reward them for their business

“It is not the value of the product that is important, but rather that the clients realise that I value their business”. The giving of a business gift is not just a way to advertise your business. It’s a way to connect with your customers and allow them to feel recognised and appreciated. This interaction is a vital part of any customer experience.


Give a gift that relates to your particular industry or discipline

Following the success of using business gifts with us, our client is now purchasing products for other enterprises. They have a new brand and are even ordering products for interests outside of work. The range and variety of products that we offer allows us to meet a wide range of business needs. This is key to finding an effective product for your requirements.

Choosing a product that appeals to a specific target audience can be a great way to show expertise. For example, our sports bottles are a great choice for customers of a health and wellness company. The customer will feel understood and that personal touch can be a great way to build customer loyalty.


If you are stuck for gift ideas, ask an expert!

One thing that stuck out to our client was the excellent customer service they received from us. “I know that I will get personal attention, excellent and reliable service, and some new ideas when I need them”. If you are unsure about what business gift would be right for you, or if you want enhance your own “customer experience”, then we are the experts that can help! Please do get in contact and you can find out more about us here.

Thank you to Phil Heaven of Shopper Anonymous for his valuable contribution to this case study. Phil is an expert in customer experience analysis. You can contact him here EMAIL or visit Insight6.