One of the great things about the British summer is the wide variety of outdoor shows and events all across the UK. From charity walks, through many sports, to huge county shows, there is something for everyone and many business opportunities for displays, sponsorship, fund raising and awareness. Here are some key reasons why a branded gift is an important marketing component for most types of gathering.

An event is usually great fun, making you excited, happy and is therefore very memorable. A great occasion triggers your emotions, and this is what help to create memories in your brain. “Whilst the process is still not fully understood, it is believed that the hippocampus and two amygdalae regions in the brain play key roles in processing both memories and emotions, and that interactions between the two may reinforce the link between memory and emotions.”   Source:

This memory effect can be bolstered greatly by using event merchandise. A simple fun gift associates your brand and message with the special day, so low cost balloons, hand waving flags, logo bugs and button badges all add to the occasion. Longer lasting useful gifts, such as sports bottles, caps, bottle openers and colourful bags remain in use and can even be treasured for many years. These can reinforce your message through daily repeat exposure to the recipient and can be around at a point in the future, when a buying need arises. Even if the gift is not at hand when someone is at a search engine, you have a much higher chance if getting a click through or call if the client is familiar with you.

Independent research published by the British Promotional Merchandise Association illustrates both the emotional power of business gifts and the long life often achieved by attractive, relevant and useful products. Gifts can make people happy, interested and thankful as well as having a useful life measured in years, which is part of what makes them a key marketing investment. Work with an experienced promotional merchandise distributor to get much better value out of your next marketing budget, give a gift to be remembered and create an unforgettable show..

Emotional connect to Promotional Products

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