Are you looking for promotional gifts for your next exhibition but on a budget?

Promotional gifts come in many forms, shapes, colours and sizes. We’ve gathered all the best items for expos, all of which are great if you need to keep within a tight budget.

Best selling promotional pens
Pens have always been a popular promotional gift to hand out to potential clients at events. They can even double up as your own (useful!) personalised business cards. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a pen that fits the bill for your company since there’s a large range of styles, colours and shapes available – you can create your own bespoke product without spending a fortune!

Pens are an essential part of the office environment. By giving clients a pen, they will tend to use them every day at work. Your clients may expose your business even more if they take your pen around with them for meetings or events. Repeated exposure tends to generate brand recognition which typically lead to a purchase by clients in the future.

Bespoke printed pencils
Pencils are such a versatile product as they are available in many colours and materials and a choice of sizes. With the ever-growing pressure to switch to more eco-friendly products, pencils are by far one of the best ways to do this – without breaking the bank!

Creating your own personalised pencil, with your company brand colours and styles is simple. There are so many colour choices for pencils meaning you can achieve your desired branded pencils without paying for extra print colours.

Pencils come in handy no matter who the customer is or what age they are and are long-lasting. Promotional pencil packs are a low-cost way of appealing to customers who work with children.

Personalised notepads
At Expos not all attendees tend to carry a notebook or something to scribble some notes down on. Providing notepads is a great promotional gift for this exact reason. By offering your branded personalised notepads, your potential client will not only have a conversation at your stand but also use the product back at their office, creating brand awareness every time your client uses the product.

Branded sweets
Who doesn’t like sweets? Sweets make a fun promotional gift to draw people over to your expo stand, especially if they can choose between going to your stand or one of your competitors. Using sweets will get you the perfect opportunity to speak with potential clients and put a smile on their face.

Not only this – but there are so many options of sweets out there, lollipops and cookies to more healthier treats such as protein balls! Giving these as a special gift to your customers will create a positive impression of your company.

Expo bags
Branded bags are the perfect promotional gift to invest in for Expos, ideal for holding leaflets, catalogues and many other promotional gifts you gather when going around the other exhibitors. Offering a bag to your potential clients will not only take a weight off their hands but opens up a conversation.

Once you’ve spoken to a prospective client, they will tend to carry your bag around the expo, acting like a bill-board carrier. The more clients that receive your promotional shopper bag, the more free exposure you are likely to get.

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