Printed Pencils

Nobody turns down a complimentary pencil. Order a bulk shipment of printed pencils with your company name and phone number from BusinessGiftUK to make the most of this.

Printed pencils are one of our most popular stationery offerings. You can expect great prices, fantastic service, and high-grade pencils. A ready supply of branded pencils means that you can supply them at any event.

Our Range

The Positives of Printed Pencils

This is particularly good for any business which attends sales fairs. This includes many business-to-business firms. It’s also highly effective if students form part of your target market. Fresher’s fairs contain a captive audience of potential customers who will accept anything handed out to them.

Having your logo as a background, yet active part of a customer’s day-to-day is a great way for them to remember your name. You’ve a better chance of being the first name to mind if they’ve been seeing your company’s branding regularly.

Best of all, these pencils last a long time – and may change hands briefly from time to time, putting your brand in more hands on a more regular basis.