Calling all stationery lovers, it’s time to order yourself some brand-new pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, and anything else that is a must have in your office, as it is #nationalstationeryweek. National Stationery Week is the yearly campaign created to celebrate all things stationery-related and promote people from across the world to spend time practicing their handwriting and put pen to paper.

Stationery is one of our first loves at BusinessGiftUK. Pens and notebooks were among our early best sellers and have remained popular for over 35 years. This week feels a bit special and definitely a time for celebration! So, whether you need pens to pencils, rulers to rubbers we have a full range of stock that you can change and personalise to match your company colours and style.

We have filled our pencil cases, sharpened are pencils and grabbed our favourite pens (yes. we do have favourites) to show you our must have promotional stationery items …

Moneta anodized aluminium click stylus ballpoint pen








Moneta anodized aluminium click stylus ballpoint pen
The stylus metallic anodized ballpoint pen features a built-in stylus at the pen tip. The pen is available in a wide variety of colours and has an anodized finish which gives it a stunning shine.

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Chameleon range- CD Case Pencil









Chameleon Range – CD Case Pencil
Made from recycled CD cases … yes that’s right CD cases! Including a range of thirty colours, this product is ideal for the environment and your company design.

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Ellison 30 cm plastic insert ruler








Ellison 30 cm plastic insert ruler
30cm ruler with paper insert, this promotional product is perfect for your businesses needs and will never go out of fashion as you can keep changing your design. Made from GPPS Plastic, Paper. FSC Mix

So, whether you celebrate this week by sorting out your stationery pot, read a book or order new personalised writing instruments, we hope the love of handwriting and putting pen to paper never fades away.

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