Parker Pen – artwork proof

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Independent Living is a friendly, local and well-established company that provides personal care in peoples’ own homes. Daily or occasional care, companionship and housekeeping are offered in Chorley and Leyland. Owner, Mark Booker, wants to make a difference to the lives of people that he, and his team, take care of. He wanted promotional products to both advertise his company and to be personal gift to his valuable clients.

Mark expressed “Many of my customers are over 75 years old and spend a lot of time at home on their own. If you give a quality product like a Parker Pen (as we have) an older person will really appreciate it, your efforts mean something and that creates goodwill. I work with Steve at and try to identify products that will appeal to older people and be of use – quality Pens and Lens Cleaners have worked well. I want to make my customers feel important.”

“Promotional gifts tend to be free to those who receive them, and human nature being what it is we take them (even if they are little use to us!). From my own experience I like to receive a gift, and many of them are on my desk reminding me of companies and their services. Buying in bulk means many promotional gifts can be relatively cheap, so it is a good way to get a feel-good factor by giving someone a present with your own logo and contact details on.”

Why choose Parker Pens

Often linked to being a premium pen in a class of its own, Parker Pens have been manufacturing top-class writing instruments since 1888. With a Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth II, becoming the official supplier of writing instruments to the Royal Household, these pens are known as being a high perceived value item, especially to the older generations.

These pens have a logo printing area of 35×20 mm, allowing visible space for a logo yet without dominating the quality pen. The Parker brand has made a well-known name for itself over the past 125 years and this is not some freebie that you will use a few times and then chuck out. This pen takes high quality refills and will be used by clients for years to come. People will look after and appreciate a high quality gift, making it a perfect promotional product for Independent Living.

Mark has received great feedback and has found this a successful way of making someone’s day. He told us “Parker Pens with our logo worked really well. Customers who received this product through the post were delighted and it portrays the company in a positive light. Whilst quality costs much more it also engenders much more goodwill.”

Further customer comments

What attracted you to BusinessGiftUK as a supplier?

“I met Steve at several events and I prefer to buy from people I know. Steve has suggested good ideas to me, helped me designed our logo on the products and made them look good. In my segment of the care market giving a good quality item is far more important than saving a few pence on cheap pens.”

Have you used different types of promotional products for specific campaigns or target audiences?

“I don’t but a key requirement is that the gift can go by Royal Mail at a sensible price. If an item is heavy or bulky the postage costs can be more than the item. This is why both Pens and Lens Cleaners have worked well.”

What is your brief opinion or impression of BusinessGiftUK overall?

“It is a family business that cares about the people who work there and customers. It is also a business committed to the Leyland/Chorley/Preston area like ourselves. Also, like ourselves, they are a company that gives back to the local community when they can.”

We would also like to thank Mark in return, for being a valuable, regular customer and for all his kind words about our company.

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Independent Living is an amazing company that thrives on taking care of others and wanting to make a real difference to someone’s day. If Independent Living could help one of your loved ones, please visit their website today or call 01257 367 404. They also offer opportunities to suitable candidates looking to start a career in the care sector.

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