H2O Eco Sports Water Bottles Made From Prevented Ocean Plastic

      H2O Eco Sports Water Bottles Made From Prevented Ocean Plastic

The recent COP 26 climate change conference in Glasgow has highlighted the fragility of our eco system. Businesses now urgently need to embrace the circular economy model. This encourages people to manufacture long life, reusable products to replace single use items and change the throwaway product mindset of recent years. A Lancashire based manufacturing company have been making promotional gifts from recycled materials for many years. In 2021, PF Concept UK Ltd of Blackpool, were proud to introduce the first promotional products made from a new recycled material, Prevented Ocean Plastic.

What is Prevented Ocean Plastic?

Prevented Ocean Plastic is a recycled raw material developed by collecting, sorting, grading and recycling plastic waste from coastal areas around the world. The effort particularly focused in areas in danger of adding to ocean pollution. This process is monetising waste as a new resource and this scheme is also a valuable provider of employment in deprived areas. You can find out more at https://www.preventedoceanplastic.com/

The programme is preventing tons of ocean plastic pollution every month and the scheme is growing quickly. This creates amazing benefits in the community, the environment and in industry. Income opportunities are created and plastic pollution is prevented at a large scale. This is obviously reducing harm to the oceans, marine life and eco-systems. The Prevented Ocean Plastic is creating a recycled PET plastic (rPET) from old bottles and produced according to strict European and North American quality standards.

How does Prevented Ocean Plastic work?

Discarded plastic bottles are picked up by plastic collectors from areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. The bottles are then taken to local collection centres for payment. Upon arrival the plastic bottles are sorted and then pressed for transport to plastic recycling factories. At the factory, the plastic is washed, sanitised and processed into raw material flakes or pellets, all according to European and North American quality standards. The recycled plastic has certified traceability from coastline collection until it becomes sustainable recycled packaging on your supermarket shelf.
Offering you a better plastic choice. The organisation OceanCycle provides third-party certification for the Prevented Ocean Plastic programme. See https://oceancycle.co/

What is the H2O Eco Sports water bottle?

The H2O Eco Sports water bottle is the first promotional gift, made in the UK from Prevented Ocean Plastic. This single-wall sports water bottle is of food grade quality, has a long useful life and is made in a nil-to-landfill factory. At the end of its long life it is 100% recyclable. Not only is the body 100% P.O.P. rPET, but the lid is made from in-house pre-consumer recycled plastic.
The attractive, ergonomic design is available in two translucent colours, charcoal and blue. There are four different types of screw on lid available, in a wide range of primary colours. The bottles can be printed, in Pantone matched colours, wrapped around the body with a single print process. The eco-friendly bottle has a generous capacity of 650ml. The coloured bottles and lids can be mixed and matched to create the perfect recycled promotional gift!

Having been manufactured in the UK this eco-friendly bottle has a reduced carbon footprint. Having been made in Britain, the product has not been shipped halfway around the world to get to the user. These bottles are also individually packed in a bio-degradable bag to protect the print design in transit.

Americano Recycled Travel Mug

Americano Recycled Travel Mug With Spill Proof Lid.

What is the Americano Recycled mug?

The Americano Recycled insulated tumbler is another product made from 100% recycled materials, by PF Concept UK Ltd. This refillable coffee cup has a 350ml volume capacity and comes with a choice of sipping and spill proof lids. It also has a twin wall thermal construction to keep your drink warmer for longer. This is great for popping along to your favourite coffee shop and getting a discount off your next refill. You will also not be using another throwaway, disposable cup. Similar to the water bottles, the Americano can be printed with Pantone matched inks, right around the cup. The Americanos are available as either white or black recycled promotional gifts. Again manufacturing and buying locally makes environmental green miles sense. The mugs are also individually packed in bio-degradable bags to avoid marking in transit.

Where can I order UK manufactured, recycled promotional gifts?

BusinessGiftUK.Com of Leyland are Platinum distributors for PF Concept promotional products. Their experienced team have been trading since 1985 and have great experience in UK made business gifts. The company can provide samples, visuals, quotes and support for your first ethical, eco-friendly, promotional printed products order.

The company have always traded in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and ethical manner. The family run business were recycling long before domestic collections were introduced. They have had solar hot water and solar electric panels installed. They have also recently ordered their third fully electric vehicle.

Visit https://www.businessgiftuk.com or call 01772 429111 today.

Author, Stephen Ward, is Founder and Managing Director of Ad-Options Ltd trading as BusinessGiftUK.com
Researcher, Jasmin Latham