A look at interesting ways of marketing to the new kids in town, by Hannah Derbyshire

One of the best things about summer, especially for students, is the long break which means either preparing for the year ahead or relaxing. However, for universities, colleges schools and other educational organisations, summer presents a myriad of promotional opportunities. As Fresher Weeks, Open Days and new terms approach, summer is a time to stock up on essential merchandise to advertise and promote at these events. Here we have put together five promotional products that will grab students’ attention as a perfect freshers week gift.

1. Salina Classic Soft Touch Stylus Ballpen

Every student needs a pen, and it’s often the one thing they lose at the bottom of their bag. However, the Salina Classic Soft Touch Stylus Ballpen is not only a pen, but it’s also a stylus, appealing to all students, even those without touchscreen laptops or iPads. It is an effective marketing tool for advertising a business, school, etc. Having received Merchandise World 2018 promotional product of the year award; this pen is not only a Best Seller but a must-have gift item. Sleek, stand-out and coming in a variety of colours, go to https://businessgiftuk.com/product/gadgets/salina-classic-soft-touch-stylus-ballpen/ to get your Salina Classic Soft Touch Stylus Ballpen.

2. Noir Notebook

Another great product is the Noir Notebook. It is not only useful for the students writing down all the information they are bombarded with on those Open Days, but the Noir Notebook makes sure your university, school or business brand is not another thing to have to remember, amid everything else that is new. Use your school, college or university colours as the trim or use the full 198 x 128mm notebook printing space to advertise your business logo or slogan. It even comes with a detachable pen which offers another promotional print opportunity. For prices, see: https://businessgiftuk.com/product/stationery/medium-noir-notebook-with-curvy-pen/

3. Americano Grande Thermal Mug

In an eco-conscious world, this mug is ideal for anyone wishing to help save the planet and save some pennies at the local coffee shop, as bringing your reusable thermal mug will mean a discount from using one of the shop’s disposable cups. The double-walled polypropylene material ensures drinks stay warm; this gift is a Best Seller and made in the UK. Available in a huge range of colour combinations, this eye-catching Thermal Mug and its large print area maximises your business and your message. The handle ensures no burnt hands, and there’s less chance of spilling with the screw lid and handle. Starting at £2.39 per unit, https://businessgiftuk.com/product/drinkware/americano-grande-thermal-mug/https://businessgiftuk.com/product/drinkware/universal-mug-1-colour/

4. Span 1200MAH Powerbank

The power bank is both practical and safety-focused, meaning your phone need never run out of charge: an absolute essential for students! The Span 1200MAH Powerbank’s size means it is not an inconvenience in a student’s bag and its size means it can easily attach to a set of keys. It comes with a micro USB cable to charge the device and is suitable for smartphones. With a 70 x 10mm print area, send your message while they charge their phone. See https://businessgiftuk.com/product/gadgets/span-1200mah-powerbank/

5. Budget Natural 5oz Cotton Tote Bag

For any Open Day or Fresher Fair, tote bags are both practical and convenient. Lightweight at only 5 ounces, these bags are the perfect size for putting all the leaflets and information booklets in, without becoming bulky or getting in the way. Offering an expansive 280 x 280mm print area these bags are ideal as a primary way of advertising your business, or a specific course or event at any Freshers’ Fair. Please see https://businessgiftuk.com/product/bags/budget-natural-5oz-cotton-tote-bag-1-colour/ for pricing and more description details.

If your budget is limited, then there is another low-cost option that can put your details in the new students’ pockets. Many will be getting new sets of keys for the coming academic year so why not give them a fun, funky and highly practical Ad Loop key ring? These attractive and durable fobs can be custom designed in your corporate colours and carry useful contact details so that the new kids can get in touch whenever they need you. There is a great facility on line at https://www.loopkeyrings.co.uk where you can experiment with your own designs before placing an order.

Whichever way you choose to promote your business, at Freshers’ Fairs or Student Open Day, BusinessGiftUK has relevant, cost-effective answers. Branded gifts create a moment of interaction that can spur a conversation, plant seeds about your business in clients’ minds and can be the catalyst a future opportunity to trade.

For more information, advice and a no-obligation quote, call the experienced team on 01772 429111 or email info@BusinessGiftUK.com.

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