Following on from Autism Acceptance Week from 27th March to 2nd April, and World Autism Day on 2nd April, at our thoughts turn to the promotional gifts we have supplied to autism support consultants, Reachout ASC over several years.

Who are Reachout ASC?

Reachout Autism Support Consultants (ASC) was set up by Lynn McCann in 2014 to provide an outreach service that delivers practical autism support and training in mainstream schools. The organisation now also provides support for autistic people in the workplace, and trains managers, employers and co-workers across the UK in understanding autism, ADHD and neurodiversity.

Reachout ASC can be found at

The brief

Lynn wanted branded promotional gifts that would make Reachout ASC memorable. She found that many people gave her business cards but she kept losing them. Knowing this would probably be the similar experience for people in organisations she wanted to connect with, she decided she would give out promotional gifts instead. She wanted people to remember Reachout ASC whenever they use the promotional gift so that when their services are needed, the gift recipient will get in touch or recommend Reachout ASC to others.

Given her work with teaching staff, the most obvious branded promotional gift she could give away to start with would be pens printed with her contact details.

The solution

Starting with printed pens in Reachout ASC branding colours, Lynn collaborated with BusinessGiftUK to come up with other promotional gift ideas. Lynn was attracted to working with BusinessGiftUK because they are a local business she met when networking and promoting Reachout ASC, and she likes to support local businesses like her own.

Over time, BusinessGiftUK have supplied Lynn with branded items such as pens, stress balls and bags to make up goody bags that promote Reachout ASC courses and are given to course attendees, as well as pens and other corporate gifts that she and her team give out at events and exhibitions.

Lynn also uses branded loop keyrings to add to visual resources they make for schools.

Client testimonial

Lynn told us that branded promotional gifts have proved to be very successful for her business. They enable Reachout ASC to connect with their target audience. The feedback she receives is that people like a free gift and it helps them to remember Reachout ASC, so it is a great marketing solution.

It has been rewarding for Lynn to see her pens and stress balls being used in schools. On one occasion Lynn recalls being told by a child that one of her stress balls saved their education!

Lynn returns as a customer to BusinessGiftUK due to the benefits of promotional gifts and the quality of BusinessGiftUK products. She also finds BusinessGiftUK to be “a friendly and creative team”. Lynn told us she intends to continue to use branded goods in the future as they help her to promote who Reachout ASC are and the work they do.


Products used

Promotional pens – a simple, universally useful gift to get people’s attention and leave a lasting reminder

Stress Balls – used to convey the stress relief available from working with Reachout ASC

Shopper Bags – to get people’s attention at events and acting as goody bags for contacts engaged with

Loop Keyrings – a fun and functional, long-lasting key ring to pop Reachout ASC contact details into clients’ pockets

Goody Bags – a thank you gift, literature carrier and lasting reminder of the Reachout ASC brand and contact information

Choose for your promotional gifts supply a range of branded promotional gifts. Contact the team for more information by using our online form or calling 01772 429111.

The team at BusinessGiftUK have been delighted to help Reachout ASC, at charitable rates. Could we help your charity raise funds and awareness?