Business Gift UK Review

A fantastic review from another one of Business Gift UK’s happy customers. This client used Business Gift UK to help him raise brand awareness through window stickers and key rings.

As the owner of a business, nothing makes me more proud than seeing my brand emblazoned on a car in the form of a window sticker, or dangling from a customer’s car keys as a key ring. This dream has only been able to come to fruition through the vision, creativity and hard work of the team at Business Gift UK.

My relationship with Business Gift UK started over 5 years ago when I met Steve, the Director, at a business event. The way he spoke about his company, his knowledge of the industry and the promise of what he could do to promote my car dealership blew me away. I was incredibly excited to work with him and the rest of Business Gift UK.

Promoting my brand with


Initially, I wanted to get some car stickers created to promote my brand in customers’ cars. Once I saw what a fantastic job Business Gift UK did and the great promotional impact they had on my company, Phil Weaver Automotive, I wanted them to help me create even more products. I also asked them to create some impressive branded loop key rings for me, and what they produced was exactly what I imagined and more. In fact, most recently I placed an order for their brand new style of keyring. That’s what is fantastic about Business Gift UK, they’re constantly evolving their product selection to give businesses like mine a plethora of options to choose from when we want to promote and market our brand.

While their vast product offering and the quality of what they produce is nothing shy of world-class, I have to bow down to the expert levels of customer service I receive from them too. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and acts professionally at all times. Whatever I want, they seem to understand my exact needs and stop at nothing to make my vision a reality.

Excellent business gifts and professional service

The whole team at Business Gift UK are an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot wait to work with them again as my business grows and the need for more gifts and promotions becomes a necessity. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Business Gift UK if you’re a business looking to promote your brand.

Why I would use Business Gift UK again:

  1. Fast, efficient turnaround on orders
  2. High quality products
  3. Professional customer service

Phil Weaver, Phil Weaver Automotive Ltd