New from, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Printed Pencils section.  Here you can select from a range of best-selling pencil styles and even create your own branded message using our custom design tool. Alternatively, you can contact our experienced team who can help you put a branded design together. This service now replaces our old, niche website,


New additions to the range include the dramatic Black Knight pencil with black barrel, ferrule, eraser and striking black wood. The Fluo adds a vibrant range of four fluorescent colours and the Argente adds the much-requested option of a silver ferrule with a white eraser in six popular barrel colours. Finally, there is a new golf pencil, without an eraser for honest golfers and a three sided pencil that will not role off your desk!


Everyone needs a pencil. Whether you’re sketching, writing a note or need something to doodle with, pencils are ideal to quickly sketch and jot down bright ideas. They are appealing for many reasons: they’re colourful, lightweight and an easy way of promoting a charity, an organisation or an event. Pencils are available low unit cost and come with generous space to promote a logo, contact details and a message. For little more than the cost of a business card, the pencil has a much greater physical impact, is more practical and is much less likely to be thrown away, than a conventional business card.


Unlike the business card, the pencil has a long-life of practical use, meaning it’s more likely to be around as and when the client’s buying needs change. Also, the large printing area means a business’ information is in hand every time the pencils are used, helping to cement the message into the users’ brains, so they are more likely to remember and recognise your brand when browsing online or making Google searches. It also means you can say more about the business than with many promotional pens, which tend to have smaller branding areas. In an ecologically thinking society, most pencils are made from natural, sustainable timber sources and they are fully bio-degradable.


With pencils being a low-cost promotional tool they’re not only great value but have a practical use that is a constant reminder of who you are and what you do. BusinessGiftUK offer a range of different pencils like the MINI WE Pencil, an ideal golf pencil. The MINI WE could be a smart way to promote a children’s event or a children’s charity: the smaller pencil for the smaller person’s event. Similarly, the BKNE Black Night Pencil is a sleek-looking professional pencil, ideal for promoting a night time event or a business on the large print area 60x16mm. The format and colour of the pencil can say something unique and dramatic about your business.



New technology also means that you can now achieve a full-colour print that wraps around the whole barrel to really make an eye-catching impression. Take a look at the Bic Evolution Digital Ecolutions Pencil here. The full-colour print looks extremely vibrant and clearly delivers an impressive and professional message about your business or organisation. Environmentally, this pencil made of recycled synthetic resin, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re helping the environment too.


The pencil is an ideal marketing tool for your creative clients, construction industries and education. A lot of the pencils at BusinessGiftUK also have an eraser. This 2-in-1 functionality makes the product more cost-effective and it is more likely to be retained by the client, at little or no extra cost.


The pencil may have been around for a long time but remains an extremely cost-effective promotional business gift. It has lots of use and practicality, with value for money that many customers appreciate. Why not consider creating your own pencil promotion now.